Specializing in traditional, independent, and agency identified adoptions.

*In California, attorneys are not allowed to be involved in the matching process.

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How Adoption Works

My office works with all adoption types including IndependentAgency Identified and Traditional Agency adoption.

In an open adoption, the birth mother chooses the adoptive family herself. She meets them; she knows them. In California, a birth mother has the right to the full disclosure of all information pertaining to the adoptive family. This includes their legal names, age, religion, marital status, length of current marriage, and employment status.

All of my services are free to birth mothers. If you have any financial needs, they are paid for by the adoptive family if allowed by law. These expenses include pregnancy-related medical and hospital expenses not covered by insurance or State Aid, and any living expenses during the period that you are unable to work due to your pregnancy.

While we are located in Los Angeles, CA, we can meet with you and help you to locate an adoption agency or attorney in your area. We will match you with an agency or organization that will work with you every step of the way during your pregnancy and after the birth of your child.

Answers to Your Big Questions

Yes. I believe every birth mother knows in her heart what is right for her baby and encourage you to take part in choosing an adoptive family.

Yes. You are given a choice of two to four potential adoptive families who meet your conditions and an opportunity to speak to each family directly.

In California, you have the right to meet the adoptive family at their expense. After picking the adoptive family, you can decide to stay in your home state to give birth or come to the home state of the adoptive parents. Most of the eager families who come to me live in California. If you choose to come to California to give birth, you will be here approximately one month. This stay is always at the adoptive family’s expense. Living near the adoptive family will allow you to get to know them and interact a day-to-day basis so you feel even more comfortable with your decision.

If you choose an open adoption, you and the adoptive family get to know one another before and after your baby is born. Pictures can be shared periodically throughout the child’s life, and some adoptive parents even allow the birth mother to visit with the child throughout the year. Your adoption plan will be unique to you and the family you choose for your baby.