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Ross and Alex

Ross and Alex


Hey there! Thank you for taking the time to read through our profile and consider us to take care of your child. It takes a lot of bravery and strength to be a birth mother, and even more so to place a child for adoption. We have so much respect for you and we pledge to do everything we can to make you feel comfortable and supported throughout this process. We’ve always wanted to be parents and are so excited about the opportunity to bring a child into our home. If you’d like to connect, please feel free to reach out to us at any time. We look forward to meeting you!


We’re both transplants from the East Coast, Ross from Connecticut and Alex from New York. Coincidentally, we both went to college in Boston and had mutual friends, but didn’t meet until years later after having moved out to Los Angeles. In 2016 a mutual friend wanted to set us up, but before they got the chance, we swiped right on Tinder and the rest is history. We instantly hit it off and began building our lives together. In 2019, Alex proposed at the “wisdom tree,” a popular LA hiking destination by the Hollywood Sign where we had our second date, and even got Taylor Swift to serenade us at a surprise engagement party with friends and family after, true story! We eloped with a small virtual ceremony in 2020 during the Covid-19 shutdown, and had an  in-person wedding with our family and friends this year in Ojai, CA. We share similar interests – the love of healthy home-cooked meals, hiking and exploring nature together, traveling to different places both near and far, movie nights, game nights, spending time with family and friends and snuggling our pets. We’re both compassionate people who believe in honesty, good communication, humility, and having a good sense of humor. We made a pledge early on to never go to bed angry and we stick by it. We’ve both built careers that we love, Alex in social media marketing and Ross as a film/tv producer. While we both have careers, we find flexibility in our schedules and are able to work from home when needed. Alex is currently working full time from home and Ross is at home at least 2 days per week. Our family, friends, bosses and colleagues are all supportive of us in this journey and we feel grateful to have a strong community around us as we venture into parenthood.


Ross has been preparing to be a parent his entire life. Raised by two very capable and loving parents, Ross grew up learning to do anything and everything around the house – from gardening to handiwork. If there is something he doesn’t know, he researches and studies until he could ace any pop quiz on the topic. His top priority in life is nurturing lifelong relationships with family and friends and making sure people feel taken care of whenever in his presence. He provides not only for his family and friends but his community by being a great neighbor. I have never worried about facing any of life’s challenges with him by my side. I couldn’t ask for a better partner and any child would be lucky to have him as a father.


Alex is an amazing partner and friend. He has the biggest heart and is a natural caretaker. He’s truly a glass half-full kind of person, always trying to find the good in people and situations. He’s very intelligent and happens to be great at math, so he’ll definitely be the one to help with math homework in our house 🤓. He’s an excellent cook and fills our home with healthy and delicious meals. He’s very creative and can come up with a meal using any ingredients we have in the fridge, making sure nothing goes to waste. Together, we balance each other and make a really great team. As a father, he will shower our child with love and support and will always make sure they are heard. He’ll help our child be social, educated, creative, and to have a great sense of humor.


Becoming parents is not something we take lightly. Since the beginning of our relationship, we have had conversations about what being a parent means and what steps we need to take as a couple to prepare ourselves as best as possible. As our friends have become parents, we have worked to be active participants in their lives to watch and learn from them. We’ve made sure that family has a place to stay when they visit so our child will grow up with strong family ties. We’ve also actively worked to nurture a strong local support system of friends in Los Angeles. If you choose us, we promise to provide your child with unconditional love. We are committed to making sure our child knows where they came from and the cultures that formed them. We promise to provide them with strong educational opportunities, and to share valuable life experiences with them. We also promise to honor the level of openness that you’d like to have and include you as a part of their story.


Most of our family is back on the East Coast in the New England area but we all make regular trips across the country to spend quality time together. Every holiday season, we do a two-week tour of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut and New York to see all our parents and Ross’ sister and her husband. The sole reason why we decided to move into a three-bedroom house was so we’d have a guest room for family to stay for extended periods of time – especially when the baby comes. Even though our family is across the country, we’ve built a wonderful community of friends out here that we consider our extended family. We love to host dinner parties and game nights in addition to frequent hikes, the occasional beach day and casual hangs on the couch talking about life. We’re always there when our family and friends need help whether it’s babysitting, moving or simply lending an ear when they need to vent and want advice. We’re grateful to be honorary uncles to several of our friend’s kids who we love spending time with as well.


We own a historic home in an area of Los Angeles known as Eagle Rock and spent the past year renovating it from top to bottom – including a big kitchen to cook and hang out in and a nursery for our future child. Our neighborhood is quiet and peaceful, while also being alive with beautiful nature-filled hills and so many interesting places to explore. There are great schools within walking distance, playgrounds, parks, restaurants and other attractions nearby. It’s impossible to get bored here. Our neighbors are friendly, diverse and family-oriented. It’s been great getting to know many of them. We have a big backyard where you can find our dog running around and Ross gardening everything from native plants to vegetables and fruit trees. On the weekends, we like to start our days with long walks through the neighborhood with our dog to get coffee from one of our favorite local coffee shops before days filled with activities and fun with friends, or catching up on errands around the house. When we’re looking for a good weekend getaway, we usually head to surrounding towns like Ojai, Big Bear or Palm Springs.


We’re the happy parents of a cat named Davy and a dog named Hudson. Ross adopted Davy almost a decade ago after a feral cat gave birth to a litter of kittens under a friend’s porch. He’s very snuggly and affectionate but likes his alone time too. He’s indoor/outdoor so he can be found curled up on the couch or rolling around in leaves in our backyard. Our dog Hudson is a lively, loving character with a big personality. We adopted him together five years ago and fell in love with his curious, adventurous spirit. Within seconds of anyone coming into the house, Hudson has his ball at their feet ready to play fetch. We couldn’t imagine our lives without them.


From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for considering us to be the adoptive parents of your child. We’re truly so excited to embark on this journey and we hope to meet you soon!

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