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Melissa and Mark

Hello, we are Melissa and Mark. We are so grateful to you for your courageous decision to choose adoption. We are both excited by the chance to be able to expand our loving family. We also hope to help your baby grow into an amazing person who loves life. Thank you for your kindness and courage.


We met four years ago at a café right near the beach. We chatted about family and values, and found we were instantly compatible. We are both eager to see what kinds of activities our future child enjoys and to help them figure out what they are passionate about. Melissa is creative. She writes poetry and music and takes digital photos. Mark is a “techie”: he’s into math and sci-fi. We also love going to movies, concerts and sporting events. We both enjoy playing sports. Melissa plays beach volleyball and tennis. Mark plays soccer. Together we practice yoga, and we go scuba diving in sunny, tropical places.


I have always been creative. When I was younger, I kept a poetry journal, played the clarinet and took lots of art classes. I grew up in Los Angeles where I also loved playing volleyball and basketball. I majored in English at Stanford University. I am an attorney who makes sure singers, actors and writers have good contracts that treat them fairly. I have a flexible schedule and work mostly from home. In my spare time, I write music, play tennis, and take photos of nature. I also love animals and enjoy going on hikes with family, friends and dogs.


I’m a big kid at heart. I love Star Wars, soccer, Sudoku, trivia, and reading, like Harry Potter and Game of Thrones. I was born in Florida, but I grew up in Puerto Rico. I went to Harvard for college and eventually earned my PhD in math. I teach at a small college where I am able to help many of my students become the first person in their family to finish college. I get lots of time off during summers and holidays, and I choose my teaching schedule, so I can also spend a lot of quality time with my family.


We live in a family friendly neighborhood near the beach with great schools and a pier we can walk to. We have a peaceful garden backyard with lots of foliage. Most of our closest friends have kids, so we have lots of experience with babysitting, changing diapers and reading bedtime stories.


We have two cats Henry and Winston. Henry is very dignified and polite. He’s a total lap cat, so he loves snuggling up with us on the sofa when we watch TV. Winston is super athletic and handsome. He uses his paws to pick up his kibble and to drink water.


Melissa comes from a small, close-knit family, here in Los Angeles and all her relatives still live nearby. We spend a lot of time with her Dad, Stepmother, stepsister and 4-year-old niece. Mark comes from a larger close-knit family. His Dad is Polish, and his Mom is Nicaraguan. He has two younger siblings and cousins who live all over America and in Europe. They love to visit us in LA, and we love to visit them too!


We love dressing up for Halloween! We go to a theater festival every summer in Oregon that presents fun plays like Hairspray and Beauty and the Beast. We also go to Europe in the summer because we have friends and family we can visit there. We travel to tropical places to go scuba diving, and we spend at least two weeks every Christmas with Mark’s family, usually at his parents’ house.


  • Love your child unconditionally
  • Make your child’s health & safety a priority
  • Support all of your child’s passions
  • Travel with your child to safe, exciting places
  • Value togetherness and family during the holidays


Thanks for reading our profile and taking the time to get to know us a bit. We promise that we will put our future child first before everything else and love them fully and unconditionally. Rest assured that you will always be a part of their life story. Thank you for your kindness and courage!

With Love,
Melissa & Mark

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