Lindsay and Ryan


Thank you for considering us to love and raise your child. We deeply respect you and your decision. So while the following letter and photos will give you a glimpse into our home, family, and friends, we hope to be able to share much more with you, and to learn about you in return.


We met in Washington, DC, where we both lived for 12+ years, and loved it. We got engaged in our first apartment together, then bought and renovated a 1906 row home where our neighbors became some of our closest friends to this day. But we moved to Los Angeles in 2019, and quickly made it home, too. We now own a home that we love (with rooms for future children) on a cul de sac where neighborhood children in strollers, scooters, and bikes play every evening. Our neighbors are open, kind, and generous, we have made great friends, and feel like we have only just started to explore the city!


We both have stable careers that we deeply enjoy — Lindsay at Google, and Ryan at PwC. We are constantly learning, meeting new people, traveling, exploring, cooking, grilling, and hosting family and friends — there is nothing better than family and friends gathered around the table in good conversation. On the weekends, we take our dog, Bagel, for long walks, check out local coffee shops and restaurants, run, bike, hike, (try to) surf, and over the last year, with restricted travel, have explored the California coast.


Lindsay was raised in San Diego, California by her mom, an elementary school teacher, and her dad, a civil servant and when he retired, handyman. Unfortunately, her dad passed away from cancer in 2016, and her mom from Parkinson’s earlier this year. She served as a caregiver to both of them throughout their illnesses, and became all the more grateful for life, health, family and friends as a result. Her brother and his wife are organic farmers and the parents of three amazing children.

Ryan was born and raised in Buffalo, New York. His mom is also an elementary school teacher, and his dad was a construction worker, now retired. His brother and his wife live in Buffalo, work in finance, and raise two amazing children. His sister, a social worker, and her husband, a high school counselor and pastor are also the parents to three incredible girls. We are a proud aunt and uncle, and do everything we can to stay close to all of our nieces and nephews. We also have about a million aunts, uncles, and cousins between us, so there is no shortage of family to surround our future children!

Both of our childhoods were filled with activity — academics, athletics, time with friends, in nature, on adventures, and traveling to see family and friends. We both look back on childhood with so much joy.

We love one another deeply, and are also embarrassingly good friends — no one makes us happier than the other!


 Lindsay is caring, loyal and hilarious. A naturally generous and thoughtful person, she has a way of making all those around her feel special. She is kind, fun, and has an amazing sense of humor. Outside of her many talents, she is the perfect partner — a constant source of support and encouragement. Lindsay is a wildy selfless person who fiercely loves her family and friends.


Ryan is the best! Loving, thoughtful, patient, calm (seriously, cool as a cucumber), smart, talented, fun (spontaneously fun — always up for anything!), and really funny (though less funny, he also has dad jokes ready to go). He makes me feel safe, secure, deeply loved, and capable of anything.


We want to give our children the healthy, happy childhoods that we had so that they might grow into healthy, happy human beings, and so that we can learn from them. We look forward to new experiences and adventures children bring, to seeing the world through their eyes! And it would be an honor to become a part of someone else’s story, and for them to become a part of ours. For our child to be loved by you as well as us, even before they are born, would be the best way to start!

We are more than happy to answer any questions you have about us, and look forward to the opportunity to learn about you!

With gratitude,
Lindsay & Ryan

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