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Kevin and Karissa

Hi…We are Kevin and Karissa and we appreciate you taking some time to get to know us! We are a beachy/outdoorsy, Southern California family looking to add another member to love.

We have been a couple for nearly 6 years but were good friends for years before that. As we like to say, we like each other AND we love each other. We’ve had many fun adventures together and make each other laugh daily. We are both active in the community, enjoy our jobs, and help one another have success in our careers. Kevin is the Communications Director for our city and Karissa is the Executive Director of a local education nonprofit which supports students and families.

When we aren’t working, we enjoy spending time with friends and family, camping, and traveling. We really like to visit National Parks and to go hiking. Kevin even climbed Half Dome in Yosemite a couple years ago! We find that being out in nature is a great way to relax and recharge. We also often travel to Oregon to visit Karissa’s family and to New York to visit Kevin’s extended family.

We also travel a lot to visit our kids (from Kevin’s first marriage) who live with their mom a few hours away. And we especially love having them with us on holidays and summer break! Karissa is currently teaching them to cook and we like to have “Top Chef” style competitions. They are getting really good!

What the kids really like while they are here is playing on the beach because we are lucky enough to live in a beach-front house. We just step down from our deck and our toes are in the sand! So, there is always lots of swimming and kayaking, and sailing, and paddle boarding, and sand castles, and playing with other neighborhood kids.

And now, we are hoping to include a new member of the family in our adventures. We know you are faced with a hard decision and want you to know we are grateful for your considering adoption. We have so much love to give and will work to make sure your baby has every opportunity to achieve their dreams and honor the gift you will have given us.

To see and learn more, check us out on Instagram @kandkadopt !

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