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Hello! We can’t imagine what it’s like to consider an adoption plan and are grateful you’re choosing to take a peek into our lives. We want to become parents with all our hearts and think we’d be pretty awesome at it! We want to be those parents that play hide & seek, read to them nightly, and are at every event rooting them on. We’re attentive, hard-working, playful, and have a huge sense of humor.  We are here with open arms if you’d like to talk or know more. 


We met at the least romantic place possible…work!  Kelly was producing behind-the-scenes pieces on movies and Jonah came on as an editor.  We became quick friends and bonded over both being from islands and loving sci-fi.  We’ve been married for fourteen years and have reached that point where we can sort of guess what the other is thinking (especially if it comes to guessing what the other wants for dessert, ha)! The pandemic solidified how much we enjoy one another’s company – we’ve had lunch together nearly every day since and developed a love for playing board games. When we’re away from one another (or even just in different rooms) we’ll send each other silly texts or pictures of the dogs (we have a spoiled squishy-faced dog named Boba Fetch).  


We own our home in the sunny San Fernando Valley and like to think we have the prettiest house on the block!  We have a big fenced-in backyard (which one day we’re sure will feature an epic playset) and a shaded back porch where we enjoy BBQs with our family and playing with Boba.  We’re decorating a nursery with the theme “Animals in Space!” and are making a little reading nook for bedtime stories.  We live right next to a STEM elementary magnet school, have a library in walking distance, and like going to the local pool that has a huge slide and big buckets that dump water.  Kelly’s family lives close, so your child would grow up spending time with her mom, dad, and sister (who can’t wait to become a ‘cool aunt’ and treat them to Disneyland trips). Jonah’s mother visits from the east coast a couple of times a year and can’t wait to dote on a future grandbaby. 


Kelly is currently a creative executive for a television studio. Although her shows shoot all over the world, she works primarily from her home.  Jonah is a commercial editor and graphics artist, who also works from his home office.  We both love working in the film industry and being a part in creating stories. Our jobs are fairly flexible – we usually have lunch together each day, hang with our dog, and do laundry in between zooms. We plan to share childcare responsibilities during the day and can lean on our nearby family as needed. We imagine our weekends filled with family walks with our pup, going on play dates at the local park, and trying new things together.  We look forward to seasonal excursions, like summer days at the beach, visiting a pumpkin patch in the fall, or snow tubing in the winter.  


We love movies and occasionally make short films for fun! We each had a short film debut in children’s film festivals and Comic Con recently.  We enjoy traveling (we’ve visited London and Hawaii this year) and feel it’s important for our child to experience all the different cultures and traditions in our world.  We’d also be happy to share our loves of ice skating, playing piano, and building models, but also want to expose them to a variety of activities and see what they naturally gravitate towards.  If they decide they like basketball, we’ll be installing a hoop! 


From changing diapers, to late night feedings, to eventually helping with homework and taking to school events, we plan on approaching parenthood as a team. While we understand toddler tantrums and teenage heartbreak is inevitable, we want to be there as they go through these emotions so they understand our love and support are unconditional.  We feel education is important and want to instill in them with a life-long love for learning. At the same time, it would be a priority to make sure they have a wondrous childhood, filled with fun and laughter. We look forward to throwing elaborate birthday parties, lazy summer days at the park, and trips to Disney and abroad. We would do our very best to raise them to be kind, generous, and responsible, and would encourage them to follow their dreams. 


The great thing about love is you can never have enough of it.  If you choose, we would love to get to know you and are open to ongoing communication.  You’ll always be important to your child and we’d want them to know their roots and, most importantly, that their adoption story started from a place of selfless love.  Our promise to you is that your child would have our undying, unconditional love and that we would protect them, provide for them, and give them every chance for a happy life filled with extraordinary moments.  We hope we’re the family you’re looking for, but no matter what your decision, we genuinely wish you all the best.

Warm regards,
Kelly & Jonah