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Joe and John

Joe and John Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. We understand that the decision before you will be difficult, and hope that reading our story will bring you some comfort and assurance in your adoption journey. Not just anyone can consider placing their child for adoption. It takes a selfless, courageous, and grounded individual like you to be able to entrust another family with raising your child. We think about all the birth mothers out there that go through this decision process, and the emotional and mental impact it has on them. It isn’t easy. But what brings us together in adoption is that we are all looking to support your child as best we can. You have taken the first few steps in this journey, and we are here to be your cheerleaders (whether you pick us or not). We want you to find the right couple or family to entrust with your child. We hope that what you learn about us in the next few pages will convey the joy, anticipation, anxiety and excitement, that we will embark on in this journey to love and raise a child of our own.

Our Story

Adventure is what brought us together! John moved to China from Australia in 2014 to work and study the Chinese language. Joe had been living and working in China since 2012. In May of 2014, we met the ‘modern’ way on a dating app! We messaged each other for about a month before meeting in person. In June, Joe was in the city John lived in to visit friends who recently moved from California and decided to ask John to meet up for a run. We agreed to meet the next morning for a run. We instantly connected and to this day, we both remember vividly our first conversation on the run. It was exciting and refreshing to learn about someone else’s life and about their hopes and dreams, and to find a kindred spirit so far from home. We explored both China together and travelled together to Korea and Hong Kong. Then Joe moved back to California and John stayed a bit longer in China before returning to Australia. For a year, though an ocean apart (and many time zones), we kept our communication almost daily during all of 2015. Johnny stayed up past 10pm, and Joe got up at 5am every day so we would stay close and connected. It was not easy, but we made it work. After having survived a year apart, we both decided it was time to take the next leap forward. In 2016, John moved to California. In 2018, with family and friends from around the world, we tied the knot in Australia.

Why Adoption:

As a gay couple who have always wanted to have a family, adoption has always been on the table for us. Johnny grew up with cousins who were adopted on both sides of his family, so adoption has been a normal and celebrated part of family life. Joe was involved early on with the Big Brothers program and was matched with a little brother who he still talks to today. For both of us, we ultimately reached the conclusion that how a child comes to us is not as important as the life we build together as a family. There are many children out there that need a loving home and we are ready to open our hearts and care for a child.

Meet John:

John is a loving and caring person. He makes sure that whoever he is with, friends or family, is comfortable and well taken care of well. He is thoughtful, organized, and grounded. If any challenge presents itself, he seeks to understand the issues and work through them. John also enjoys travel and adventure, exploring new places and learning about the history and culture of the locals. He is a cyclist and swimmer and has travelled the world to compete in various triathlons and runs.

Meet Joe:

Joe is thoughtful, kind and loyal. He is a loving and calming force for those who know him. Joe never forgets that a smile can solve a lot of problems, and that life should be enjoyed. He is driven, in his health and career, and care for others. His energy and motivation keep me on my toes and inspires me to be better.

Our Family

John’s family:  I grew up in regional Australia, in a small community surrounded by sheep and potato farms. I have 3 sisters, three nieces and two nephews. We’re a tight knit group, lots of family dinners and trips, including annual camping trips and at our favorite beach spot in Summer.  Joe’s family:  I grew up in Southern California to immigrant parents, my father from Thailand and my mother from the Philippines. I have one younger sister who now has three kids of her own. The big events in our family were Thanksgiving and Christmas. For both occasions, our extended family would come together, and share a big feast or food from around the world.

Our Friends:

We both have a network of friends from around the world. Having both travelled to various countries, we have made friends in each of these places that we have kept in touch with. At home, we have a close group of friends that we regularly meet up with for dinner or conversation. We are lucky to have a diverse group of friends that can share their perspectives and teach us about different cultures.

Our Community:

We live near the ocean in Southern California with our greyhound Strawberry. We always seem to have a project to work on. At the start of the pandemic, we built the deck. Last year we remodeled a bathroom, and this year we are planning to remodel our other bathroom. We love to host friends and family in our ‘feasting hall’ (dining room with a long table). We can walk to the beach and often take the dog on a run followed by coffee at our favorite café nearby. Many of our neighbors have lived on the street for a long time. There is a strong sense of community as we all know each other, and people often stop by to chat and catch up. Our neighborhood hosts several family-friendly events throughout the year including an annual pancake breakfast, July 4th parade followed by a street water fight, Labor Day breakfast, and a Christmas boat parade. It’s a great way for us to meet other people, but also for all the kids to get together and play

Our Dog:

We have one dog, a greyhound named Strawberry. She is 5 years old and came to us as a rescue from a racetrack in Alabama, as a timid girl who didn’t know her own name. Over the years she has gained confidence and is now a loyal and indispensable part of our family requiring nightly walks and couch hugs and is always with us on hikes and camping trips (only time she is allowed to share the bed).

Our Promises:

  • To love and support the child for whoever they are
  • To provide a safe and stable home
  • To remember that joy and humor solve many problems
  • To always remind them that life is an adventure
  • To install values of family, community and friendship
  • To teach the child that kindness matters, especially to those that have less.

Thank you

Thank you for taking time to learn more about us. It is hard to share your life story in a few pages, especially when you are still writing the story, but we hope that we’ve piqued your interest and that you would like to learn more about us. Our thoughts and prayers are with you as you take this journey, and we hope that you find the right couple to love and nourish your child.

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