Jason and Ann

Hello! We are Jason, Ann and Lucas from Northern California

We are so extremely grateful that you have taken the time to consider us and to get to know our family. We have been blessed through open adoption for our son Lucas and are looking to expand our family again through open adoption. We are excited to get to know you and look forward to building an open relationship.


We met on a blind date through Jason’s sister in 2005. We both knew right away that we were meant for each other as we both shared the same family values and had so much in common. In 2008 Jason pulled of the surprise of a lifetime by proposing to Ann while out celebrating some friend’s birthdays. A year later we were married and bought our first home in Jason’s home town, Galt California. In 2016 Lucas was born and made us a family. As a family we enjoy taking our boat out for a ride or going camping with friends and family in our trailer. Every summer we have an annual camping trip with Jason’s entire family. He has been doing this camp trip since he was a baby and loves to keep the tradition alive. Other than camping another one of our favorite family trips is going to Disneyland and we try and go every couple of years.


I am a quiet guy that likes to spend time with his family friends. I love family traditions and creating new ones since Ann and I have become parents. I like to fish and try to go out on the boat at least once a month to fish. I am looking forward to teaching Lucas to fish as well as our future second child.


I am an outgoing person who loves to spend time with my family and friends. I love to try new things and enjoy taking Lucas and Jason along on my adventures. I love to play games and am known for having the best games to play. I have taught Lucas a bunch of new games now that he is getting older and I look forward to teaching our second child the fun you can have with games.

We both work for the state of California. Jason works for the Department of Corrections and Ann works for the Department of Developmental Services, helping adults and children with Developmental Disabilities.

4 years old and loves the great outdoors. Anything he can do outside he is there. His all time favorite is Hulk Smash and anything green. He loves to ride his green car around our court and say hello to all of our neighbors. He is the friendliest kid you will ever meet and he loves hanging out with his friends and cousins. He attends a local preschool that is owned by Jason’s family. He has gone there since he was an infant and has many friends there that he has grown up with. Next year he will start school at the elementary school that is walking distance from our home. He is super excited about being a big brother and ask all of the time about getting a brother or a sister.

We have an open adoption with our son’s birth mom. We live in the same state, about 4 hours from each other. We try to get together once or twice a year either by us going to visit her or by her coming to visit us. When we visit her we also get to see a lot of her extended family. Lucas loves to spend time with them all especially his birth mom and his brother. It has been so great getting to know them over the years. In between visits we send pictures and facetime often. Our hope is to have the same type of open adoption with our the new birth parents. We have seen the benefit of it for everyone that is involved and love how it has blessed our lives.


We live in Galt, California. Galt is a small town and Jason’s family is a well known family in the community. We have lived in the same court for over 10 years and love our little neighborhood. We have 2 dogs; Maggie and Montee, 1 cat: Xena, and 1 fish; Buzz. We are so grateful to live so close to Jason’s family and Lucas being so close to all of his cousins. We often meet up at the local parks or plan play dates at each other’s houses. Ann’s parents also live close by so we spend a lot of time with them too.

Ann also has family in Nevada, Ohio, Hawaii and Vermont and we plan many trips to go see them. Every year for Christmas we go to Nevada to have Christmas with Ann’s brothers and try to visit Ohio, Hawaii and Vermont every couple of years. Lucas has become quite the traveler at the age of 4 years old.


We know that this has to be a very difficult decision for you and want you to know that we promise to love your child unconditionally. We promise to support them and help them to grow into the best person they can be. We are committed to an open adoption for the benefit of everyone and are excited that adoption can help to complete our family.

We admire your strength and your courage and want to thank you again for taking the time to read our profile and look forward to speaking with you.


Jason and Ann

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