Jace and Jon


We hope this glimpse into our lives helps you get to know us as you consider an adoptive family for your child. We admire your strength in making this decision, and hope to soon provide a life of opportunity, love, and support as fathers.

About Us

We live in Irvine, a quiet neighborhood in Southern California’s Orange County. Our journey together started in 2004 when we met on the beach playing volleyball. We discovered and enjoyed our common interests including traveling, cooking, hiking, and crafting. Both of our families have close ties to Hawaii, so we share similar values and enjoy many trips back to the islands. Wanting to bring our families together and make our relationship official, we got married in 2015 at the Long Beach Aquarium.

Jace was raised in Hawaii and has two younger sisters who also now live on the continental U.S. After finishing high school, he went to college in Los Angeles and then began work as a marketing manager in the travel industry. Jace is an avid indoor volleyball player in several competitive adult leagues, and also enjoys trying and perfecting recipes in the kitchen. He also enjoys learning and sharing “random facts” with anyone and everyone – which makes relating to him and conversing with him fairly easy.

Jon was born and raised in Orange County, CA with an older brother and younger sister. He and his siblings all played soccer through school, with his father sometimes coaching their teams, and his mother as the “team mom.” After high school, Jon remained in Southern California for college, and started his career as a civil engineer with a consulting firm in Irvine. Today, Jon enjoys both logical and creative activities, with a particular fondness for painting. Like Jace, he too enjoys spending time with their family and friends, as they host many dinners and BBQs at their home.

Our Family

We were both raised with the spirit of `ohana, which is ‘family’ in Hawaiian. We value togetherness, love, and respect for our families, which are very important to us. We regularly see Jon’s family, who lives about 30 minutes away, for weekly family dinners, birthdays, and most holidays (New Years, Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas). Jace’s immediate family is in Hawaii, but his extended family lives nearby, and they get together on the same holidays as well. At both family gatherings, lots of food, laughter, and stories are shared. We make it a point to visit our relatives in Hawaii annually, and travel to Seattle and San Francisco to spend time with Jace’s two sisters, as much as possible.

As we’re both sons of teachers, we both were driven to be high achievers, earning college educations. We’re blessed to have a supportive `ohana, success in our professional lives, and are excited to extend the commitment, love, and support we have for each other to our child.

Our Home and Our Hopes

Our two-bedroom, cottage-style house has a wraparound patio. On our walls, you’ll find photos of our families, landmarks from our vacations, and original artwork. The streets are adorned with floral bushes, fruit-bearing trees (we have lemons and limes in our backyard) and white picket fences fronting each house.

There are many outdoor, family-friendly activities within our community, including tennis and basketball courts, parks with playground equipment, and a walking trail just outside our house. Our city is well-known for being among the safest in the nation, and we enjoy a diverse mix of restaurants and shops nearby. Disneyland is a quick 20 minutes away, as are a number of great beaches, museums, and theaters.

We are ready to raise a child and are eager to give them the educational and financial opportunities that we enjoyed as youth. But more importantly, a child enjoying good health and happiness is what will truly bless us. We’re excited for the commitment, compromise, and sacrifice we know parenting calls for. We’ve been so fortunate to have many in our lives who have wanted us to be our best selves. As we hope the same for our child, we will support them on their journey as their loving adoptive fathers.

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