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Isaac and Drew

Welcome to our page! Our names are Isaac and Drew and we thank you for taking the time to get to know us more. We have given so much thought to growing our family and we are so grateful we finally have the opportunity to make our dream a reality!

We are excited to bring a child into our home and to provide them anything they may need to live a happy, curious and adventurous life! Our home is filled with music, laughter & love, support, open communication and healthy living. We also have two handsome cats, Fry & Bender, named after the cartoon Futurama and we love them dearly.

Education, the arts and human relationships are our tools to thrive in this world and we can’t wait to share these values with a child so they can take full advantage of what life has to offer.

Whether it’s putting puzzles together, playing games, nurturing plants, reading books or learning about animals we are so blessed and excited to cultivate a safe and loving environment where a child can explore their fullest potential.


Isaac is 39 years old. He was born and raised in El Paso, TX with a large, Mexican family full of love, music, food and celebration! He is a passionate student of life who likes being outdoors, meditating, reading, dancing and singing – especially classical music. He has Masters of Music from New York University and is currently Vice President of Marketing for Mattel Inc. where he has unlimited access to toys!

Drew is 37 years old and he grew up in Bloomington, MN. He grew up in playing in the woods with his brother, Matt, and spending quality time with his two loving parents, Greg and Peg. He is a singer who specializes in musical theatre, American songbook and jazz standards. He enjoys yoga, photography, the ocean and reading, especially the classics like Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina and the essays of Ralph Waldo Emerson.

We met at a mutual friend’s holiday party on December 2nd, 2006 in New York City where there was an instant connection, love at first sight! 11 years later we got married on December 3rd, 2017 in Maui, HI. Our wedding was beautiful and intimate – just us (though with the support of family and friends from afar!).


Family is a huge part of our lives. We try and travel to see them as often as we can. Isaac’s family mostly lives in Austin & El Paso, Texas – when we all get together it’s always a big, fun family reunion!

Drew’s family lives in Minneapolis/St. Paul Minnesota and we love home-cooked family meals, going to museums and the theatre when we’re all together.

Our families are both very supportive and cannot wait for us to welcome a child into our home. This will be the first grandchild for Drew’s parents and the 9th for Isaac’s parents!

Our diverse group of friends are our family here in LA and we’re very blessed to have a great, supportive network that are equally excited to become uncles and aunties!

We love celebrating holidays as festively as we can whether it’s carving pumpkins and dressing up for Halloween or watching the annual street lighting and Christmas parade in Pasadena!

Los Angeles has so much to offer for families – beautiful parks & beaches, hiking trails with stellar ocean views, exciting amusement parks and great welcoming diverse neighborhoods with a foundation of community.

Thank you for stopping by and getting to know us. If you feel a connection, please reach out anytime!

We’re so sincerely looking forward to experiencing wonder through the eyes of a child and for the opportunity to guide them through the adventure of life with all the love we have to give!

– Isaac and Drew

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