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Chris and Francis

Chris and Francis with Elle

Dear Birth Parents,

Thank you! There are no words that could describe the deep gratitude that we have for you and the selflessness that it takes to consider adoption. We admire your bravery and we cannot wait to start this process, meet you and show you our home, love and the life we have created for our growing family.

Like most couples in the 21st century, we met on an online dating site in 2018. After very long conversations we quickly realized that we had very similar upbringings and life goals. We both grew up as the youngest child in energetic, welcoming, sometimes chaotic but most importantly, loving families. Francis’s family is from Argentina with roots planted in West Los Angeles. He is very close with his family, especially his two older brothers and his nieces and nephews. Chris has a very large Italian family that never needs a reason but always finds a way to get together. Chris grew up in Santa Clarita, just north of LA and like Francis, is close to his two older siblings and nieces and nephews. Because of our similar upbringings we both knew that we wanted to build a family of our own which helped our love to grow quickly and easily.

In 2019, a year into our relationship we decided to start a new adventure together by moving from Los Angeles to Dallas, Tx. We surprisingly settled in quickly with great jobs, Chris in the medical field and Francis managing a restaurant. We also made friends with some amazing people that lived in our new Dallas neighborhood. While in Dallas, we really had to learn how to lean on each other for support and guidance, especially to get us through the pandemic of 2020 away from our families in Los Angeles. We also had the help of our neighbors who gathered every Friday night in our driveway for “Pandemic happy hour” and much needed laughter during that difficult time. We learned that we are a couple that nurtures community and family with the people around us. Our home quickly became the hub for our little Texas bubble. This support and love from those around us truly was the catalyst that helped propel our relationship forward. That same year, 2020, we also got engaged and adopted our dog, Miss Elle Woods. Our time in Texas was a whirlwind filled with new experiences and growth, and together we have reassurance that “home” is found in our hearts and love for each other.

Francis was offered a new career managing the Facilities department for a private grammar school in Santa Monica, so in April of 2021, we packed up our home in Texas and moved back to Los Angeles. We truly do appreciate living so close to both of our families here in LA. Surrounded by our family and closest friends, we were married in Malibu in the summer of 2021 with our dog, Miss Elle Woods, as our flower girl. Just like when we were in Texas our home here in LA has become the center of our friends and family. We live in a quaint neighborhood in Century City with all of the great amenities that Los Angeles has to offer right at our fingertips. We enjoy spending California days at the beach, taking Miss Elle for a walk at the Farmers Market, or going to Disneyland even if only for a few hours. We also enjoy nothing more than filling our home with the smell of dinner cooking and the sound of laughter amongst our friends and family. Our Holidays are filled with tradition and love. They are loud, warm, chaotic, full, and beautifully busy. We are excited to experience our life through the eyes of a child and create new traditions and memories of our own.

About Chris (by Francis)

Chris is a hopeless romantic and he can’t wait to be a dad! He has an incredible passion for all things family. He is a fiercely loyal friend who is always there for the people around him. He has a manageable obsession with Disney (Pluto is his favorite) and he can’t wait to share his love for Disney as a father. Anyone that enjoys reruns of the Golden Girls must be a warm and caring person. I love his ability to laugh at the small things and overthink life’s decisions. I know that he is going to be an amazing dad and I cannot wait to share that with him.

About Francis (by Chris)

Francis is always the light in the darkest room, knowing how to make others laugh and bring joy into their hearts especially when they need it the most. He is honest, easy going, level headed and faithful. He takes life in stride, loves to laugh and his laugh is quite contagious. He is a classically trained baker and a bit of a fantasy nerd, who is obsessed with The Lord of the Rings. He truly knows how to cherish all that life has to offer. Whether it’s trying out a new cookie recipe, exploring new spots around town, or just relaxing with a movie, he is the best company to keep. I adore the fact that he is firm in his convictions and knows what he wants out of life. I am so excited for him to be a father and to watch him share all his love with his future child(ren.)

We both have a very loving and involved family. With their support we are excited to embrace this next chapter of our lives, share our love and grow our family. Thank you for considering us and please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or would like to watch The Lord of the Rings (or The Golden Girls) sometime.

With all our love,
Chris and Francis