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Carlos and Jordan

Welcome to Carlos and Jordan’s profile; thank you so much for taking the time to learn who we are!

Our Story:

In 2009 both of us relocated to Chicago. We happened to be out one evening and Carlos mistakenly thought Jordan was a friend he was waiting for and began shouting this friend’s name from across the street. Upon realizing Jordan was a stranger, we had a chuckle but kept our conversation going- a friendship soon followed. After hanging out a few times we realized there was a mutual attraction and our friendship quickly blossomed into a romantic relationship. 

Fast forward five years and countless amazing experiences in Chicago…we had a mutual love of the West coast and moved to California in 2014. We were married on a beautiful sunny day at Coronado Beach in San Diego on January 29, 2016. We love taking advantage of the California weather by spending time at the beach, hiking, biking, and taking road trips with our two pups (Wrigley and Oso). We live driving distance to many great cities so it is not unusual for us to plan weekend trips to do more exploring- Palm Springs, Grand Canyon in Arizona, or snowboarding in Big Bear Mountain. 

Carlos has two brothers living nearby in San Diego who eagerly await becoming uncles for the first time. The rest of our immediate family lives in the Midwest but visit frequently; we also visit them at least at least four times a year. We have been blessed with an extended family of close friends, many with children of their own- they are ready to plan play dates with our child. The holidays tend to be a time for all of us to get together and we graciously host Thanksgiving and Christmas at our house. We love seeing all those smiling faces eating dinner around our table. 

Our Home

We live in Murrieta, California which has one of the best and most sought- after school districts in the country. Our home is a spacious house that has plenty of room for our family to grow in. Our future nursery is down the hall from our bedroom; we picture rocking our baby to sleep while looking at the beautiful mountain view from the nursery window. Our street is quiet with very little thru traffic; the neighborhood kids love playing in their front yards and we envision our child having lot of friends on our block for them to grow with. We just completed the first landscaping project of our front and back yards which included adding new grass- our pups already love running around back there and in the future, we envision a beautiful playhouse and swing set for our child. Our elementary school and various parks are walking distance from our home; we also have great hiking and biking trails we will be able to take our child as they get older.

About Carlos:

Carlos is 37 years old and is Mexican-American. He grew up in a household where Spanish was spoken and continues to be spoken to this day; he hopes he will be able to continue the tradition of incorporating Spanish language, food, and its rich culture with our child. Carlos was raised Catholic and today is non-practicing. Originally from Chicago, Illinois- he obtained a BA in English as well as a Master’s in Business Administration, both from Illinois schools. He works as a Director of Operations for a national Managed Care Organization. He mainly works remotely from home and since he has been with his company for over fifteen years, he is awarded a high level of flexibility when it comes to his work schedule- we plan to have a part-time nanny to help a few hours during the day but Carlos will be home with our child every day.

This is how Jordan describes Carlos:

Carlos is the most charismatic person I have ever met. Carlos has a way to draw you in with his personality, his wit, and his humor. People always open-up to Carlos and will let you know that he is the easiest person to connect with. In our relationship, Carlos is the more extroverted socialite of the two of us. He has a compassion for people that is beyond this world, and always puts people’s feelings at the forefront in every situation. He is intelligent and thinks everything through before making decisions. He is dedicated to any and everything he is involved in, and his astounding work ethic prevents him from giving up on anything. Carlos is optimistic and will find the good in every situation. He loves adventure and is always wanting to find something new to do. Carlos is also extremely warm and caring, and he has strong family values. He has close ties with his parents and siblings, and he is very caring and loving of his friends. Carlos will make an amazing father. He will ensure our child is studious and educated, social, creative, and most of all loved and supported.

About Jordan:

Jordan is 36 years old and is part Mexican-American and part Native American. Originally from Michigan, he grew up athletic and played baseball throughout his teen years; he hopes he can share his passion for baseball with our child. Jordan obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from a private college. He has held various leadership positions for major retailers and most recently took on a role as a Market Manager for an optics company. Jordan oversees multiple locations for his company and is described by his peers as an effective and strategic leader. He has become a mentor for many employees and hope to apply this when teaching our child about making good choices throughout their life. 

This is how Carlos describes Jordan:

When it comes to his family and friends, Jordan is one of the most caring and protective people I have ever met. In our relationship, he is the more pragmatic of the two and keeps a sense of balance and peace in the household. He is extremely hard working and will give 100% of his time and effort into any project he takes on. He takes great pride in helping his employees develop professionally and their level of respect and admiration for Jordan is evident. Jordan has a great singing voice and very eclectic music choice; he is constantly introducing me to new musical artists. He also has an eye for interior design and most recently redecorated our home. Jordan will encourage our child to pursue their artistic and creative side- I would not be surprised if Jordan created sets and acted out movie scenes with our child much like his dad used to do with him when he was young.

Our Thoughts on Parenting:

We are aware raising an adopted child in a same-sex household will come with a unique set of circumstances. We feel that full transparency with our child will encourage them to be proud of who they are and where they come from. We are open to keeping in touch with the birth family so that our child knows as much about their background as possible. We are both extremely proud of our ancestral background and will encourage our child to learn and practice customs in theirs.

We were both fortunate enough to be raised in loving households and hope to take lessons learned from our parent’s upbringing to apply with our child. This includes encouraging them to fully commit to whatever endeavors they take on, teach them to be respectful and caring individuals, and supporting how they choose to express themselves- creatively, artistically, athletically, etc.

In closing:

We want to thank you again for showing interest in our profile and taking a glimpse into our lives; if you feel there is a connection or simply want to know more about us please do not hesitate in contacting us.

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