Ben and Gina

Our names are Gina and Ben, and we live in the San Francisco Bay area. Thank you for taking the time to read our letter. We can imagine that choosing parents for your child is a very tough decision and we are grateful that you are considering us.

About Us

We met almost eight years ago, and have been married for almost seven. After we met, we knew very quickly that we had a special connection. We found that we truly enjoyed spending time with each other, either going out and having fun, or just doing day to day things like going to the grocery store and running errands, and find that we still do.

We truly feel that we have a special relationship. We are very supportive of each other, and work hard to truly listen to each other and understand each other’s side of things without judgment. We are both grateful that we have developed these strong communication skills, and feel that they will help us deeply listen to our child, and make them feel understood and respected. We look forward to teaching our child strong communication skills and deep respect for others.

Our Home

We live in a five-bedroom house overlooking the San Francisco bay. We love the holidays, and enjoy decorating our house and entertaining. Our friends have often commented that our house feels very warm and comfortable. Our house has a nice fenced front yard for playing and a large sloped backyard for exploring. There is also a nice swimming pool, with a large baby pool, and playground within walking distance. We live a short drive to a number of fun children’s activities, a small amusement park called Fairyland, and a zoo with children’s’ rides. We also live near two lakes where we love walking our two dogs, Jessie and Shelby. Both lakes have very nice playgrounds.

Ben on Gina

Gina has many layers. The first thing I noticed about her was how beautiful she was. It very quickly became clear that she was also very smart and funny. And as I got to know her better it soon became clear how warm and kind she is. Gina is comfortable in the world of work and has been very successful, for which I greatly respect her, but she is also very comfortable at home and with family. When I see her with her nieces and nephews, or with our friends’ children, I see how well she relates to children and the joy she takes in playing with them and talking with them. Gina has been a wonderful wife to me and I know she will be a wonderful mother to our child.

Gina on Ben

I still remember the day I received the email introducing me to Ben. I was so excited. He seemed intelligent and kind, two things that were so important to me. Upon meeting him, I was so happy to find out that he was both of these things and so much more. After almost 8 years together, I am still so thankful to see him when he walks in the door every night. I feel deeply loved, respected, and supported by Ben. His support has been a great help to me in my endeavors. I knew that he will be very supportive of a child in wherever that child’s interests lie. I know that our relationship is a priority to Ben, and he works hard to balance an executive job and a good husband. I believe he will also make his children a priority, and that he will be a wonderful and loving father.

Ben’s Education and Career

Ben grew up with a single mom in the Northeast U.S. and later in the South. After graduating from high school in a small town in Tennessee, Ben supported himself through getting his undergraduate degree, his masters, and finally his Ph.D., all in electrical engineering. He was an engineering professor, and really enjoyed helping his students learn. He was recruited to move to the Bay Area, and is now an executive in a technology company. As an executive, Ben has enjoyed building an organization, and helping his team develop their skills and grow as professionals. Now that he is established in his career, he able to work reasonable hours and is very much looking forward to spending time with a child.

Gina’s Education and Career

Gina was raised on a farm near a small town in Illinois. She was a math major in college, and put herself through law school and graduate school in computer science. She ran her own law firm for many years. After deciding to have a family, Gina wanted a more flexible career. She now teaches leadership classes and workshops at a university, and runs her own business helping attorneys improve their communication and leadership skills. She loves helping others, particularly her students, discover their own special talents. She is very happy to work part-time, mostly from home, so that she will have more time to spend with a child.

Our Shared Interests

There are so many things we loved to do together and are looking forward to introducing to our child. We both love being in nature and enjoy hiking We both also enjoy staying fit, and do so by walking our dogs, playing tennis, biking, and swimming.

We also both love to read We are both looking forward to reading to our child and helping them learn to read. We already have copies of some of our favorite books from when we were children, including Winnie the Pooh, Curious George, Babar, and Dr. Seuss books.

We both enjoy music – even though neither of us was blessed with much talent. We love listening to music, playing karaoke, and singing along to Christmas carols as Gina tries to play the piano.

We also love to travel and look forward to taking our child on trips. We have gone to Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, Mexico, and Germany together. We also enjoy relaxing trips to Hawaii.

Gina’s Interests

Growing up, Gina loved any toys that involved building things or figuring out how things worked. She also loved being creative, especially sewing and baking. She continues these interests by doing projects around the house, and creating special dresses and Halloween costumes for her family, including making her sister’s wedding dress.

Ben’s Interests

Ben played football in high school, and has always enjoyed playing and watching sports. He is looking forward to bringing his child to the ballpark for the first of many times. Ben is good with tools and good around the house, and enjoys fixing and building things.

Our Thoughts on Parenting

  1. 1) Our highest priority in parenting a child is for our child to feel loved and safe. For them to feel special for who they are, without any pressure to be someone different. For our home to be a safe place for our child where they are always respected and loved without judgment. For our child to feel they can come to us for help and support whenever they need it.
  2. 2) We also want to parent our child so that they will be compassionate and truly care about others and the world around them, and for our child to be kind.
  3. 3) We will fully support our child in developing his or her interests and strengths, whatever they may be.
  4. 4) We have a deep desire to give our child a fun childhood, filled with exciting trips, good experiences, and lots of laughter.

Our Family and Friends

We both have large families that extend well beyond those that are genetically related to us, including many close friend who live in the area and are looking forward to being part of our child’s life. Adoption has always been a part of Gina’s family. When she was little, her closest friend was her adopted cousin who was 11 months younger.

Gina grew up with an older brother, and a little brother and sister who are 12 and 14 years younger than she is. As a teenager, she spent much of her time helping raise her little brother and sister and loved them dearly. She now has 5 nieces and two nephews that she loves being an aunt to, and her siblings are looking very forward to being aunts and uncles to her child.

Ben’s family includes his mother, his father and step-mother, and his three step-sisters and their families. All of Ben’s family is very excited that they are adopting and looking forward to meeting a new family member.


Soon after we were married, we were in a very good place to start a family. We were financially stable, established in our careers, working a reasonable number of hours, and had a strong marriage. However, after both undergoing medical procedures and trying, we realized that we would not be able to have a child biologically. After seriously considering all the options for creating a family, we decided that an open domestic adoption was the right one for us. We are grateful to be in a place to provide a stable, loving home to a child, and would consider it such a blessing to be able to be parents.

Thank you for reading our profile. We would like you to know that we truly respect the decision you have made to carry your baby to term, and place him or her with another family to raise. If you chose us for your child, we will make sure he or she knows that you loved him or her and that we deeply respect you.

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