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Andrew and Peter

Hi, we’re Andrew and Peter. We’re so happy to share a little bit about us with you and we hope we get to meet you. Thank you for taking a look at our profile and considering adoption for your baby. We know this is not an easy decision, but it is a loving decision and you have all of our respect and admiration.

We met three and a half years ago in a coffee shop in Culver City. A coffee date we thought would last thirty minutes turned into a two hour conversation about our families, childhoods, hobbies and careers. We hit it off immediately.

In addition to an instant connection, we each shared our love of kids and desire to become dads. Since that first date, we’ve come together as a couple over many things we both love, from college football and theater to traveling, cooking and entertaining friends in our home. Our commitment to starting a family is as important as our commitment to each other. Last year we took the important step of saying “I do” in New York City with an intimate ceremony in front of our immediate families. Our wedding day stands out as the best day ever, and the only thing that could top it would be welcoming a baby into our lives to love and nurture.

About Peter (by Andrew)

Peter is 39, and grew up in Lexington, Kentucky with his parents and younger sister. His parents have fostered newborns for over 21 years, which led to his interest in adopting from an early age. He’s 100% Italian, but he’s also proud of his southern upbringing. He went to the University of Notre Dame for college, and he has an MBA from UCLA. Peter is a Marketing Director at Mattel. He still loves playing with toys. In addition to the interests he shares with me, Peter is passionate about snow skiing, swimming, and going to the movies (which include cheesy romantic comedies).

About Andrew (by Peter)

Andrew is 40, and grew up in Massapequa (Long Island), New York. He has an older brother and a twin brother, who is eight minutes younger (which makes Andrew the middle child by default). After graduating from the University of Miami, Andrew moved to Los Angeles to follow his dreams. He is a Vice President of Original Programming for Sony Pictures Television in Los Angeles. His hobbies include tennis, hiking, and photography.

We live in a 1920s house with three bedrooms and a big backyard that is ready for a swing set. We’ve really enjoyed renovating and decorating our house to make it a home and we can’t wait to hear it filled with a baby’s joy and laughter. Many of our friends have young children, and we are excited to know that our child will grow up with our friends’ children

We feel so fortunate to have found each other, and we love the life that we have built together. We’ve been blessed to grow up in families that instilled in us kindness, creativity, passion, discipline, gratitude, generosity, and a sense of wonder. These are all qualities we will instill in our child. We will share our hobbies and passions with our child while also supporting the pursuit of his/her own interests. We have so much love to share, and we are very excited to start a loving family.

Thank you again for considering the loving act of adoption. We wish you the best as you make this important decision for you and your baby. Should you choose to place your baby with us, know that he/she will be raised in a happy and healthy home, with unconditional love, by two caring dads and a very supportive extended family.

We hope you enjoyed reading a little bit about us. If you would like to get to know us better, please contact David Radis.

All of our best,

Andrew & Peter

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