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Andrew and Keisha

We’re Andrew and Keisha! We’ve been married for 7 years (together for 10+) and are very excited to expand our family. Our friends and families are extremely important to us and we have become integral parts of each other’s diverse families. Whenever possible we spend time with our loved ones, including holidays, celebrations, and any other moments we are able to connect. We’ve found our family’s communal love and support during the best and worst of times to be incredibly empowering.

We reside in a beautiful bungalow home in the Los Angeles suburbs nestled nicely between great mountain hiking, outdoor biking, parks, playgrounds, and a short 20 minute drive to the beach. We enjoy traveling to new and interesting places, going to amusement parks like Disneyland, Six Flags, etc. (we love rollercoasters), visiting museums, sharing meals with our loved ones, and cooking various cuisines—we’re foodies! We love to find unique culinary treats and are always hunting down a new recipe to make at home. Keisha can reverse engineer most meals she finds in a restaurant to cook at home and Andrew makes an awesome parmesan crusted catfish.

We’re also writers and teachers, who share a strong passion for education, fitness, and the arts. Keisha loves interior design and Andrew’s an Eagle Scout with an affinity for the outdoors. As an interracial couple, we understand the importance of diversity and inclusion. It’s why we have an authentically diverse family and friend group. We have navigated many complex issues around race in our marriage and feel well equipped to do the same with a child. Physically, we’re nearly identical in height, at 5’8”. Keisha has brown hair and eyes, while Andrew has chestnut hair and hazel eyes. And although neither of us are olympic athletes we do enjoy working out and walking around our neighborhood. Our child will be exposed to a healthy, active lifestyle and an education to ensure they have a strong foundation for a life of happiness and fulfillment.

We also have several adopted family members so we already know that any child brought into our lives will be inundated with an avalanche of love. All of our relatives are eager and ready to offer their physical and emotional support as we engage in this new journey.

Sincerely, Andrew & Keisha


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