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Aaron and Ryan

We, Aaron, Ryan Elizabeth (Liz), and our 4-year-old son Jase, thank you for taking the time to learn more about our family. Thank you for considering your choices. We are so excited to be adopting and bringing a child into our family! We hope our story will help you in making your choice. Please know that no matter what you choose, we wish you and your child all the best. We hope this gives you a glimpse about our family. We look forward to meeting you.

Aaron and Liz met on eHarmony in 2013. Aaron had been on it for a while with no luck. However, Liz was only on it for less than a week when the match was made. They chatted online and the phone for several weeks before they met in person. Their first date was at a local restaurant called Slaters 50/50. Liz was very nervous but had to control her nerves as she walked in, because Aaron was already seated at the closest table to the door. He was watching her every move. They ate and drank and chatted for 4 hours! They dated for a year and then Aaron popped the question in Las Vegas, atop the Eiffel Tower of the Paris Hotel/Casino. Of course, she said yes! Less than a year later, they were wed in a rustic venue in Pala, CA in 2015. Together they love to travel, gather with their friends and family, fellowship with their church family, go camping, frequent concerts, visit theme parks, explore new cities, and challenge themselves with something new each year. At the same time they also appreciate little things like rainy days, brunch dates, taking their dog for walks, going to the movies, game nights, and trying to treat each other with love and respect.

After several rounds of fertility treatments, their son, Jase Carter Smith was born. He is now 4 years old! After several more fertility treatments and 3 miscarriages later, we are looking to expand their family through the miracle of adoption.

Aaron was born in Illinois and moved to Southern California when he was 6, after his parents divorced. He grew up with his mom and 2 older sisters in Carlsbad. He spent summers with his dad and stepmom in Illinois and Florida. He also has a younger half-brother who just graduated college. Aaron graduated law school and has been a Family and Civil Law attorney for 17 years. He has owned his own practice for fifteen years and loves that having his own business gives him flexibility for time with his family. He just moved into a new office and converted the conference room into a play room for when Jase comes over to the office. He is an uncle to 4 nieces and 3 nephews. Aaron’s Mom always taught him the importance of family and brotherly love.

Aaron loves to read and write. He is currently involved in the Horror Writer’s Association and has had some short stories published. Comic Con and book signings are a big part of his life. His favorite foods include sushi, burgers, steak, and chocolate covered almonds. He is an amazing and proud dad to Jase. They enjoy reading, being silly, playing hide and seek, going to the park, grilling and cooking together, and has always been very involved in day-to-day life with a toddler.

Liz grew up in a small town in Colorado but moved to California after college. She has one sister and brother. Her parents have been happily married for 45 years. She is now an aunt to 3 nephews and 4 nieces. Family has always been very important to her and regardless of where she’s been in life, she keeps them as a top priority.

Her favorite time of year is Winter. She loves the mountains and likes to stay active, but also loves to cuddle up inside with a blanket, a Hallmark movie, and a cup of hot cocoa. Her favorite foods include burgers, pizza, steak, and chocolate. She graduated college with a degree in Health and Exercise Science and worked in Clinical Research before becoming a stay-at-home mom to her son, Jase. For as long as she can remember, she has always wanted to be a mommy to as many kids as possible. She has such a sweet, giving, and compassionate heart.


Aaron: Liz is my partner in every sense of the word. I know that she’s the only person on earth who can love Jase as much as I do. When I’m at work, I know that our home is in the best of hands. She has a huge heart and an easy smile. She makes it easy to be silly and let my inner geek out. I love her with all my heart.

Liz: Aaron is a wonderful husband and partner. We work, play, and laugh together daily. He is my rock, and he never ceases to amaze me. He’s compassionate yet strong. He’s loyal and honest. He is the most amazing dad to Jase and is super involved. If I ever doubt myself or get discouraged, he is always there. We always strive to fulfill each other’s needs. I love this man and cannot imagine my life without him. The bond we share is truly a gift. We are truly blessed in so many ways.


Jase is such a sweet, silly, imaginative, smart boy. He is our Rainbow baby, our IVF miracle sent from above. He came into this world 5 weeks early, spent a week in the NICU, but came home healthy and never looked back. He is a Momma’s boy, but adores his Daddy, too. He enjoys anything theme park related (Disneyland, Sea World, etc…), neighborhood parks, play dates, his cousins, and snuggles! His interests include dinosaurs, Pokemon, monster trucks, Power Rangers, Play Doh, Legos, his scooter, dancing, superheroes, cooking with Daddy, shopping with Mommy, and playing make believe. He absolutely adores his Grandma and Grandpa (Liz’s parents). He will make the best big brother. He is always so caring and attentive to our friends’ babies. He often asks when he will get a brother or sister.  He is excited to have a partner in crime.

We live in a family-oriented neighborhood, with many parks, beaches, and amusements within driving distance. Our home is a two story and has 4 bedrooms and a fenced in backyard for lots of room to play. Our favorite place in our house is our playroom because it is set up for family fun.


Aaron’s family is small but close. He was very close to his mom, who passed away in 2007. He works with his oldest sister and her three children. His middle sister lives in Northern California, but they get together a few times a year. Aaron’s younger brother lives in San Francisco, where he just started his first post-college job. He has no living Grandparents.

Liz’s family is scattered across Colorado. Her parents come to visit a couple times of year for extended periods and then she in turn will travel to Colorado a couple times of year to visit. Her mad has 4 sisters and 1 brother. Her mom has 3 sisters. All have families of their own that keep growing. Overall, she has ~100 cousins/second cousins/third cousins. She loves being from a large extended family. She only has one living grandparent, Grandma Homsher (her dad’s mom).

As a family we have many traditions. We look forward to them each season, from Valentine’s Day gifts to Easter eggs and bunnies, to annual Baseball games, to July 4th festivities, to Comic Con, to Pumpkin patches, to annual Fall apple pie, to Christmas lights and jammies and many more. We love to celebrate.

Together we love to see and experience new places, people, and foods! We appreciate the beauty of world around us, and try to soak in as much as we can each year, whether it’s around our home

or a far-off destination. As a couple we make sure to take the time to get away, whether it’s for an afternoon or a day or so away. As a family, we love theme parks, the mountains, camping, museums, historical places, monster truck rallies, and national parks. We recently visited The North Pole Experience and spent some time in Tombstone, AZ. Disneyland is a family favorite, and we go often.

We are very excited to be adopting and have so much love to share for this child as we expand our family. Please always know we will unconditionally love and cherish your child and we will make sure that he/she will be proud to be adopted. We hope this book gave you a look at our lives and we look forward to meeting you. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Aaron, Liz, and Jase


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